SAES participates in the Conference on the KETMaritime project

The company shows its developments on electronics and underwater acoustics.


The Conference Enabling Technologies: engine of innovation in the maritime sector, related to the INTERREG KETMaritime project and organized by the IDONIAL Technology Center, is held today in Gijón.

Antonio Sánchez, Head of R + D + i in SAES, gives a speech entitled “Acoustic, electrical and multi-influence underwater sensors. Applications in Security and Environment”. The lecture is focused on the main characteristics of the energy radiations which propagate in the underwater environment and the sensors that SAES has developed for their measurement and analysis as well as how they can be applied in the fields of defense and security.

SAES en KETMaritime
The Diver Detection Sonar DDS-03 allows underwater surveillance on anchored ships.

The IDONIAL Technology Center of Asturias is developing, together with other European partners, the KETMaritime project (Nov 2017-Jun 2020), whose main objective is to bring the potential of essential facilitating technologies (KETs) as a tool to the business community of innovation and progress in the sectors that operate in the marine field.

The KETMaritime project is supported by INTERREG ATLANTIC AREA program, and led by the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory INL (Portugal).  AIMEN, Forum Ocean, CIMAP and Marine South East are the other entities participate in the consortium.

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