SAES has collaborated in the Ocean HackatHon initiative aimed at sea and technologies

The seahorse geolocation challenge will represent the city of Cartagena in the Brest International Final

The 5th Edition of the Ocean Hackathon was held from October 9 to 11 simultaneously in 19 cities around the world, including two Spanish cities: Cartagena and Cádiz. Since it was first launched in 2016, Ocean Hackathon® has brought together a new community around the ocean and digital environments. Originally based in Brest, it was extended in 2019 to other venues in France and beyond.

SAES has collaborated in the scientific event through the Cartagena Oceanographic Research Institute (CORI) who has organized the event in Cartagena for the first time in Spain. CORI is an ocean research association based in Cartagena for valuing the scientific and technological talent of the Region of Murcia and updating the advances in ​​sustainable development and protection of the oceans.

Thus,  the city of Cartagena has become a benchmark for oceanographic innovation thanks to the sponsorship and collaboration of entities such as the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), Europe Direct Region of Murcia, Innova Oceanografía Litoral, Navantia, SABIC and Cartagena City Council, and collaborators such as the Cartagena Port Authority, SAES, Primafrio, COEC, STEM Talent and the CEEIC of Cartagena, the Hippocampus Association, the DiveApp company or groups such as the divers from Cabo de Palos or STEM Talent.

Geolocate seahorses.

The challenge of geolocating seahorses by José Antonio Oliver (marine biologist), Elen García (manager of European projects) and Elena Torro (computer programmer) has won the Ocean Hackathon 2020 of Cartagena.

The project ‘Quantification of ocean litter using images (I-Litter)’, by Carmen Morales from the University of Cádiz, has been the winner of the Ocean Hackathon 2020 in Cádiz.

Both challenges will compete in the International Final that will take place in Brest in the coming weeks, organized by the Campus Mondial de la Mer, together with other twelve maritime cities that will present different proposals based on technologies for sustainability and protection of the oceans.

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