SAES participates with Navantia in UNVEX 2021

SAES presents its ASW solutions for RPAS and underwater sensors for USV and UUV at the Spanish drone fair.

For UAVs, SAES, which participates in UNVEX 2021 as a co-exhibitor with Navantia, supplies state-of-the-art ASW solutions based on sonobuoys, which enable RPAS as an advanced station for submarine early warning, as well as high-technology underwater sensors and improved signal processing for USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) and UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles).

SAES participa con Navantia en UNVEX 2021
Illustration 1: Cristina Abad Salinas, General Director of SAES (center), together with Adolfo Hernández Solano, Commercial & Business Development Director (on the left), and Eduardo Ruiz Pérez, Civil, Security & UxVs Sales and Business Develooment Manager (on the right).

In this sense, SAES has shown two presentations at the Navantia-SAES stand. The first one about its ASW solutions for RPAS, which took place on July 7 at 1:00 p.m., by Ignacio Gutiérrez, Head of ASW Line of Business, entitled “ROASW: ASW System for operation with RPAS”.

On March 2014 SAES attended the III Congress on unmanned vehicles UNVEX’2014 in Madrid. On that occasion, the conference by Ignacio Gutiérrez, entitled “Industry Solutions II”, already indicated that the new ASW missions were going to require the use of UAVs as a distant and elevated platform without a dedicated operator.

In the second presentation, entitled “Submarine sensors in UUV and USV”, on July 8 at 11 am, Eduardo Ruiz Pérez, Sales and Business Development Manager for Civil, Security & UxVs, explained that the sensors will have a great relevance in the evolution of aspects such as autonomy of the UUV, where a technological leap is foreseen, of “strategic importance” for defence and industry.

In the field of unmanned underwater vehicles, SAES presented in December 2020, together with Navantia, the ACASUB proposal, within the Ports 4.0 initiative, to provide submarine capabilities to the USV Vendaval from Navantia, in service at the port of Ceuta. Apart from incorporating its real-time monitoring, the estimation of the noise source, object detection and the sending of acoustic signals to divers in the protection area are under development.

SAES also collaborated in the Ocean Master project to develop a vehicle with a dual function, underwater and surface, adaptable to different platforms. In this initiative, which ended a year ago, SAES worked on the payload, integrating a side scan sonar, acoustic communications and its sonar for the detection of divers.

SAES participates in the virtual edition of ADM Sevilla 2021

It presents its solutions for submarine and antisubmarine defence for naval and air platforms.

SAES participates in the digital event organized by Aerospace and Defence Meetings Sevilla, from May 26 to 27, with a virtual stand, where it shows its antisubmarine warfare systems (ASW) based on sonobuoys for installation on all types of platforms involved in the war naval such as mine hunters, frigates, submarines, MPA aircraft, ASW helicopters and RPAS.

The fifth edition of ADM Sevilla 2021, the largest business event in the aerospace sector in Spain and one of the main in Europe, is organized by Extenda – Andalusia Export and Foreign Investment, and by the French company BCI Aerospace, specialist in international meetings of the Aeronautic sector.

SAES ASW products

The ASW products that SAES presents at ADM Sevilla are the DISOUROS, for combat ships and ASW helicopters, and the SPAS acoustic sonobuoy processing system for Maritime Patrol Aircraft and RPAS.

DISOUROS is a powerful and advanced acoustic processor for detecting, locating and pursuing underwater threats through the integrated use of low frequency dipping sonar (DS) and passive sonobuoys. It provides multi-statism and interoperability between the ASW platforms involved in the mission: corvettes, frigates, helicopters, MPA aircraft. DISOUROS is fully operational on platforms such as the Visby-class corvettes and the A-109 helicopters.

SPAS is an acoustic sonobuoy processor for detecting, locating and chasing underwater threats from aerial platforms. It incorporates the most advanced acoustic processing techniques for all types of passive and active sonobuoys, in analog and digital implementation. SPAS is fully operational in different countries and different platforms such as the P-3B Orion aircraft, the C-295 aircraft and the SH-60B LAMPS helicopter.

SAES also provides ground support systems for both analysis of ASW missions (such as FTAS) and for training acoustic operators (such as TAT).

SAES is the only Spanish company specialized in underwater acoustics and electronics with more than 30 years of experience in Sonar Systems, Submarine Signatures, Submarine Protection and ASW Systems. SAES technology is in service for various Navies and Naval Forces on 5 continents. SAES systems are at the forefront in sonobuoy processing and at the forefront in the international market.

SAES participated in the Naval Engineering Conference CINAV 2020

With a conference on the ASW capabilities of the new F-110 Frigate

SAES sponsored from November 4th to 6th the X Naval Engineering Conference CINAV 2020 organized by the Colombian Navy. The company has and participates with a lecture on the latest generation capabilities of the new F-110 Frigate by Ignacio Gutiérrez, head of ASW Line.

The speech summarizes the ASW capabilities that make the F-110 being one of the most advanced ASW frigates.

SAES signed in 2019 a contract with Thales for the manufacture, integration and testing of sonar technology for the project of the new F-110 frigates of the Spanish Navy. This contract is part of the agreement between Thales and Navantia for more than 160 million euros to provide to the future Spanish ships with anti-submarine warfare capabilities.

ASW capabilities of the F-110

SAES systems allow the F-110 Frigate having the maximum integration between acoustic sensors, incorporating the latest technologies in ASW, such as multistatic digital sonobuoys, having an acoustic intelligence database (ACINT) and improving the acoustic operator’s skills thanks to onboard training capacity.

These contributions will make it possible to cover the whole mission, briefing, operation and debriefing phases, thus increasing the chances of success.

Lecture on the ASW capabilities of the F-110 frigate.

The lecture is mainly focused on the sensors developed by SAES: the SAS systems (Sonobuoys Acoustic System) and the AMS (Acoustic Management System).

SAS (Sonobuoy Acoustic System) is an acoustic processor system for the passive and active sonobuoys, in analogic and digital implementation, that are deployed by both the frigate and the ASW helicopter.

The acoustic management system AMS (Acoustic Management System) includes calculation of prediction of sonar performance, fusion of tactical plots and multistatism between sonobuoys and between sonobuoys and Varaible Depth Sonar.

SAES participates at Euronaval 2020 Online Exhibition

Presents its solutions in underwater acoustics and electronics for the military and civil security and defense markets.

SAES participates from October 19 to 25 at Euronaval 2020 with a virtual stand, where it shows its capabilities in underwater acoustics and electronics in three fields of activity: engineering systems and underwater technology, maritime safety, and special operations.

SAES participates at Euronaval 2020 Online Exhibition
Virtual stand of SAES at Euronaval 2020 Online Exhibition

SAES, specialized in underwater acoustics and electronics, provides sonars, ASW systems, naval mines, underwater signature measurement stations and other high-tech custom solutions. The company develops various international and national projects. In Spain, it has recently obtained contracts for the S-80 and F-110 programs, the last one includes a Technology Transfer agreement with Thales.

Online B2B meetings

Euronaval has gathered 277 exhibitors from more than 20 countries. Navantia and SAES are the only Spanish defense companies.

For the first and most important virtual exhibition dedicated to the naval industry, SAES has a multi-disciplinary team attending meetings by videoconference with delegations, suppliers, and other companies in search of synergies.

Featured Products

They are highlighting the business lines related to the measurement of submarine signatures and the anti-submarine warfare, specifically the MIRS and Disouros systems.

MIRS is a multi-influence signature measurement system for surface vessels and submarines that simultaneously measures magnetic, electrical, acoustic, seismic and pressure influences.

DISOUROS is a powerful and advanced acoustic processor for detecting, locating and pursuing underwater threats through the integrated use of low frequency dipping sonar (DS) and passive sonobuoys. Provides multi-statism and interoperability between ASW platforms involved in the mission: corvettes, frigates, helicopters, MPA aircraft.

SAES participates in the 2nd International Congress of Countermeasures of mine laying

The company shows their smart naval mines MINEA in Brazil

SAES participates in the Second International Congress of Countermeasures of mine laying, II CICMM, held in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) from November 4th to 6th. More than 12 delegations from different countries, including Sweden, Italy and France have attended the event.

SAES is a company specialist in underwater defense and more specifically in the area of naval mines. For this reason, it has been invited as an expert since the first edition of the congress, in 2017. Years before, the company participated, together to Navantia, in the “Symposium of Naval Mine Warfare” that was the precursor of the congress, offering lectures on intelligent naval mines and the acoustic, magnetic, electrical, seismic and pressure influencing firms that characterize the ships.

This year SAES is one of the sponsoring companies of the congress and has a stand where is showing the features and capabilities of MINEA smart naval mines. They are the most advanced smart marine mines manufactured today. They are intended for training minesweeper crews. Knowing how an advanced smart mine works is essential to the safety of the vessel. There are three models specifically designed for the different depths and characteristics of shallow and deep waters: moored mines, shallow-water mines and cylindrical bottom mines.

The event is aimed to participants and specialist to exchange information and knowledge as well as visit companies stands with related products and services. The program of conferences includes speeches about Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV), remotely operated vehicles (ROV), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), robotics, nanotechnology and issues applied to the Naval Mine Warfare.

SAES at the bilateral meeting of Spanish companies in Latvia

With the attendance of the Secretary of State for Defense, the Spanish ambassador to Latvia and the OFICAEX´chief, as well as the NAD (National Acquisitions Directorate) and members of the Ministry of Defense of Latvia.

SAES has been one of the Spanish companies that has participated in the bilateral meeting held in Latvia, together with Navantia, Instalaza, URO, ARPA, GHAN, GDELS, INDRA, ALTUS.

SAES at the bilateral meeting of Spanish companies in Latvia
SAES at the bilateral meeting of Spanish companies in Latvia

OFICAEX, the Office of Foreign Support of the Ministry of Defense, has organized these bilateral meetings in order to show the capabilities of the Spanish defense industry to the Latvian Defense Department as well as to facilitate collaboration with local companies.

Part of the bilateral meeting took place at the NATO base in Riga (Adazi Base), where all the companies showed their capabilities.

SAES highlighted the fact that it is a reference company in Underwater Defence, that has participating in the most important naval programs in Spain such as the S-80 and the F-110.

During the tour of our product portfolio, special emphasis was placed on our capabilities in mine warfare and the outstanding international position of SAES in this discipline.

SAES at the bilateral meeting of Spanish companies in Latvia
The NAD (National Acquisitions Directorate) visited the “stand” of SAES

After the presentations, the NAD (National Acquisitions Directorate), visited the SAES’ stand where capabilities in underwater defense and naval mines were discussed in depth.

SAES participates in the Conference on the KETMaritime project

The company shows its developments on electronics and underwater acoustics.


The Conference Enabling Technologies: engine of innovation in the maritime sector, related to the INTERREG KETMaritime project and organized by the IDONIAL Technology Center, is held today in Gijón.

Antonio Sánchez, Head of R + D + i in SAES, gives a speech entitled “Acoustic, electrical and multi-influence underwater sensors. Applications in Security and Environment”. The lecture is focused on the main characteristics of the energy radiations which propagate in the underwater environment and the sensors that SAES has developed for their measurement and analysis as well as how they can be applied in the fields of defense and security.

SAES en KETMaritime
The Diver Detection Sonar DDS-03 allows underwater surveillance on anchored ships.

The IDONIAL Technology Center of Asturias is developing, together with other European partners, the KETMaritime project (Nov 2017-Jun 2020), whose main objective is to bring the potential of essential facilitating technologies (KETs) as a tool to the business community of innovation and progress in the sectors that operate in the marine field.

The KETMaritime project is supported by INTERREG ATLANTIC AREA program, and led by the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory INL (Portugal).  AIMEN, Forum Ocean, CIMAP and Marine South East are the other entities participate in the consortium.

SAES participates in the Annual Conference about P-3 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

The company will offer a speech about the rigorous requirements needed to achieve success in ASW missions.

The 31st Annual P-3 International Operators Support Conference (IOSC) will take place October 14-16 in Atlanta, Georgia where SAES exhibits at booth #40 besides offering a talk about MPA ASW missions. It will be on the last day at 2:00 pm by Ignacio Gutiérrez, Line Manager of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW).

misions MPA ASW

IGnacio Gutierrez, the manager of ASW Line of Business in SAES, is testing the SPAS system in a MPA P-3 Orion.

The speech is entitled “Hardcore requirement for MPA ASW Missions: The Mission Support Center” and addresses the effectiveness of a combined planning and mission optimization process of the ASW mission to achieve its main objective: to detect and localize submarine threat. Mission planning and optimization is made by analyzing submarine threats identified and classified as part of an Acoustic Intelligence Database (ACINT).

On the other hand, Improving mission planning through would lead to military benefits; military commanders will be provided with enhanced likelihood of achieving mission objectives through appropriate deployment of sensors and processing capabilities based on predicted sensor effectiveness, operators will benefit from more efficient detection, classification, identification of targets, and collateral damage will be reduced through fewer misidentifications of targets.

Your Mission is Ours

The 31st Annual P-3 International Operators Support Conference (IOSC), organized by Lockheed Martin, is held in conjunction with the Hercules C-130 Operators Conference (HOC) at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia, of October 14-17, 2019, under the same joint theme: “Your mission is ours.”

This event offers access to over 80 industry exhibitors, briefings on the C-130B-J, L-100 and LM-100J model aircraft, social events, and networking opportunities to share operational, technical, modification and maintenance insights among Hercules and Orion owners/operators, service centers and suppliers.      

SAES shows MILA Naval Limpet Mine at the Global SOF Symposium

The “Global Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foundation holds its fourth European Symposium in Brussels, from October 1 to 3. SAES participates as a reference company in naval mines for special operations forces and shows a mock-up of a MILA unit.


MILA is an underwater demolition charge for Special Operation Forces that incorporates a computer-controlled detonation system. It is used by combat divers in covert underwater operations to neutralize threats. It is a safe, efficient, and lightweight device, easy to transport, deploy and install. One only diver can transport and fix two MILA units. In addition, the device can be quickly installed and reprogrammed in underwater, even in adverse scenarios such as low visibility or in darkness. It is designed for fixing underwater to different types of surfaces, makes it a very versatile tool for high demand operations.

Representatives from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Republic of Malta, Romania, the United Kingdom and the United States have attended. It is remarkable the presence of the Head of Belgian Defense, the President for the EU Military Committee and the Deputy Secretary General of NATO for emerging security challenges. A variety of topics such as “Military reform and capabilities packages for modern warfare” and “The role of artificial intelligence in SOF” has been discussed during the conferences.

SAES presents ASW and SIGINT solutions at EXPONAVAL 2018

SAES at Exponaval 2018SAES, who exhibits their solutions in a shared-stand together to Navantia, has been visited by the Chilean minister of Defence

SAES is participating at the Exponaval International Naval & Marine Exhibition and congress for Latin America, from 4th to 7th December in Valparaiso. The company exhibits together with Navantia in the stand 124a.  SAES is the only Spanish company that designs and manufactures anti-submarine warfare systems for all-type of ASW platforms. SAES is internationally renowned in this area. Furthermore, the company is at the forefront of the market in underwater signatures measurement and management.

New ASW challenges, new solutions.

The operative concept of ASW missions has changed due to the emergence of new naval and aerial platforms and the fact the naval forces involved in ASW missions operate closer to the coast.

SAES at Exponaval 2018

SAES, based on its wide experience, provides different ASW systems, which are capable of processing digital sonobuoys as well as multi-static processing, in order to improve the threat detection rate.

SPAS system is a solution for MPAs. It is an acoustic system to detect, localize and track submarines and surface ships based on analysis of acoustic signals acquired by deployed passive and active sonobuoys both analog and digital versions. SPAS system works totally integrated into the Tactical Mission Center.

ROASW system is the solution indicated for naval warships and helos. Besides of being an powerful acoustic processor, ROASW provides interoperability among different platforms (surface ships as frigates or corvettes, helicopters, UAVs,etc.) achieving an common operations scenario among all the resources deployed.

Specifically, ROASW and SPAS systems have been commercialized besides of Spain, in Brazil, Chile and Swedish.

Underwater Signature Intelligence

SAES is also experienced in Signature Intelligence and provides systems for MCM platforms.

For instance, MIRS is an advanced portable system that obtains the complete signature (Acoustic, Magnetic and Electrical) of a submarine or surface ship. Furthermore, MIRS can be used to as a discrete device to gather Underwater Signature Intelligence Information or as a tool to verify the ship-signature levels before a mission.