SAES participates in the Annual Conference about P-3 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

The company will offer a speech about the rigorous requirements needed to achieve success in ASW missions.

The 31st Annual P-3 International Operators Support Conference (IOSC) will take place October 14-16 in Atlanta, Georgia where SAES exhibits at booth #40 besides offering a talk about MPA ASW missions. It will be on the last day at 2:00 pm by Ignacio Gutiérrez, Line Manager of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW).

misions MPA ASW

IGnacio Gutierrez, the manager of ASW Line of Business in SAES, is testing the SPAS system in a MPA P-3 Orion.

The speech is entitled “Hardcore requirement for MPA ASW Missions: The Mission Support Center” and addresses the effectiveness of a combined planning and mission optimization process of the ASW mission to achieve its main objective: to detect and localize submarine threat. Mission planning and optimization is made by analyzing submarine threats identified and classified as part of an Acoustic Intelligence Database (ACINT).

On the other hand, Improving mission planning through would lead to military benefits; military commanders will be provided with enhanced likelihood of achieving mission objectives through appropriate deployment of sensors and processing capabilities based on predicted sensor effectiveness, operators will benefit from more efficient detection, classification, identification of targets, and collateral damage will be reduced through fewer misidentifications of targets.

Your Mission is Ours

The 31st Annual P-3 International Operators Support Conference (IOSC), organized by Lockheed Martin, is held in conjunction with the Hercules C-130 Operators Conference (HOC) at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia, of October 14-17, 2019, under the same joint theme: “Your mission is ours.”

This event offers access to over 80 industry exhibitors, briefings on the C-130B-J, L-100 and LM-100J model aircraft, social events, and networking opportunities to share operational, technical, modification and maintenance insights among Hercules and Orion owners/operators, service centers and suppliers.      

SAES shows MILA Naval Limpet Mine at the Global SOF Symposium

The “Global Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foundation holds its fourth European Symposium in Brussels, from October 1 to 3. SAES participates as a reference company in naval mines for special operations forces and shows a mock-up of a MILA unit.


MILA is an underwater demolition charge for Special Operation Forces that incorporates a computer-controlled detonation system. It is used by combat divers in covert underwater operations to neutralize threats. It is a safe, efficient, and lightweight device, easy to transport, deploy and install. One only diver can transport and fix two MILA units. In addition, the device can be quickly installed and reprogrammed in underwater, even in adverse scenarios such as low visibility or in darkness. It is designed for fixing underwater to different types of surfaces, makes it a very versatile tool for high demand operations.

Representatives from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Republic of Malta, Romania, the United Kingdom and the United States have attended. It is remarkable the presence of the Head of Belgian Defense, the President for the EU Military Committee and the Deputy Secretary General of NATO for emerging security challenges. A variety of topics such as “Military reform and capabilities packages for modern warfare” and “The role of artificial intelligence in SOF” has been discussed during the conferences.

DefenSe attachés from 22 countries visit SAES

During the visit to the facilities in Cartagena, real-size scale models of the DDS-03 diver detection sonar, the MINEA training naval mines and the MILA special operations

A group of 33 Defense Attachés from 22 countries, accompanied by the Spanish Navy and the Ministry of Defense of Spain, had visited the SAES facilities in Cartagena. The countries represented have been Germany, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cote d’Ivoire, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Senegal, Uruguay and USA.

The objective of the visit is to publicize the capabilities of the company, like reference in acoustics and underwater defense systems in Spain, and participant of the major naval programs developed in the country, such as submarines S-70, S-80 and the minehunter of the Segura class, among others…

During the meeting, scale models of the DDS-03 diver detection sonar, the MILA special operations naval mine and the MINEA multi-influence naval mines were shown.

In addition, it have been presentations of acoustic sonobuoy processors, candidates to be integrated into the combat system of the F-110, and of the portable system of multi-influence MIRS signature measurements.

On the visit, the Defence Attachés have been especially interested in systems based on multi-influence measurement technology: MINEA mines and MIRS system. Both are capable of detecting the acoustic, electrical, magnetic, seismic and pressure influences of the ship. In the case of mines, in order to detect the signature of the vessel that has been previously programmed and in the case of the signature measurement system, to characterize the ship’s multi-influence signature.

SAES celebrates its 30th anniversary in FEINDEF

SAES showed real-size mock-ups of DDS-03 diver detection sonar, MINEA training naval mine and a real unit of MIRS multi-influence signature measurement systems.


SAES, specialized in acoustics and underwater electronic, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, coinciding with the first edition of the FEINDEF International Security and Defense Exhibition. SAES is the main reference in Spain for sonar technology and submarine and antisubmarine warfare systems. The company has participated in most of the major Spanish naval programs, such as the S-70 and S-80 submarines and the Segura Class minehunters.

Some of the sonar products include a towed array sonar with automatic deployment and recovery, diver detection sonar and acoustic classification systems. In addition to sonars, the company develops systems for the measurement of underwater ship signatures and manufactures naval training mines recognized internationally.

The company also has anti-submarine warfare technology for MPA aircraft, frigates and ASW helicopters. These systems are on board various platforms in Europe and Latin America, as well as in Spain, where the company has collaborated in the modernization of P3-M aircraft and A-109 / HKP15 helicopters.

ASW systems are an essential element aboard frigates with anti-submarine capabilities such as the F-110 project. The submarines, thanks to the technology developments are highly stealthy.  Therefore it is necessary having advanced systems for processing and analysis in order to detect the underwater threats. SAES has experience and knowledge in anti-submarine warfare and has developed complex detection algorithms, included in the acoustic processors of sonobuoys such as SPAS. The SPAS system incorporates automatic contacts detection and advanced processing techniques for high detection and tracking of targets. The system also allows the classification and automatic location of threats.

These facts make SAES a strong ally to participate in the F-110 frigate program.

Intelligent naval mines are another strategic element in naval warfare. Nowadays, the smart naval mines has high technology for the precise detection of targets and can be programmed to act according to the multi-influence signature of the detected vessel. For this reason, the training of the crew is crucial as a way of knowing the vulnerability of the ship itself and thus protecting the fleet. As a result, the MINEA training naval mines developed by SAES are a useful tool for minehunter ship crew, both to gain knowledge about multi-influence signatures and to program a mine against a potential threat.

In reference to the measurement of signatures, the MIRS system allows to obtain simultaneously the acoustic, electrical, magnetic, and seismic and pressure signatures of a ship. It should be noted that it is a portable system that can be deployed at sea from a pneumatic boat. This characteristic differentiates it from fixed stations, whose main limitation is the need to move ships to them. The MIRS system allows greater flexibility and frequency for the measurement of signatures, being able to be used for multiple purposes, such as obtaining the signature in a real scenario or as a discrete form of obtaining intelligence in strategic areas.

SAES showed on FEINDEF (stand C-08) real-size models of several of the previously mentioned systems: MIRS multi-influence signature measurement system, DDS-03 diver detection and MINEA multi-influence naval mines.

SAES exhibits sonar technology at SITDEF 2019

From May 16th to 19th, SAES shows acoustic processing systems for underwater defence in Peru

SAES attends the 7th  edition of SITDEF, which is held in Lima from May 16th  to 19th, by a stand shared with Navantia, to promote sonar technology such as DDS-03 diver detection sonar, sonobuoy acoustic processor SPAS for antisubmarine warfare


The DDS-03 system allows to detect possible underwater threats in military and commercial ports, oil rigs, anchored ships, petrochemical plants and other valuable assets.

As specialists in sonar technology, SAES also has equipment for acoustic analysis and classification of contacts, as well as, systems for obtaining signature intelligence. The company has integrated these systems with combat systems of various platforms, such as submarines, minehunters and frigates. In addition, its sonobuoy processing systems are also in service in MPAs aircraft and antisubmarine warfare helicopters.

In addition, SAES is expert in training naval mines. They manufacture the MINEA family of smart naval mines, equipped with multiple sensors, and MILA limpet mine for special operations forces.

SAES celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and attend at SITDEF for the third time in order to promote relations with the Peruvian authorities and offer our knowledge and systems.

SITDEF, International Exhibition of Technology for the Defense and Disaster Prevention, is a biannual meeting, approved by the Government of Peru and promoted by the Ministry of Defense and the Navy of Peru, since 2007.

SAES shows its technology at IMDEX 2019 in Singapore

SAES is an exhibitor at the IMDEX 2019 Defense Exhibition, held in Singapore from May 14 to 16.

SAES shares booth with Navantia, the Spanish shipbuilder and shareholder of SAES. Both generally collaborates in national and international projects since SAES provides the ship built by Navantia with sonar technology, systems for anti-submarine warfare and technical support.

SAES at IMDEX 2019
Visit of the Turkish delegation

SAES has been attended this fair since 2011, year in which the company accelerated their process of internationalization. IMDEX 2019 is the fifth consecutive edition of the exhibition the company participates. “This fair has always been a success for SAES because of the large number of delegations attending. It brings us several opportunities as a consequence of the contacts and meetings here,” says the head of naval mines and measuring stations of SAES. According to the company, SAES has so far received visits from delegations from Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Colombia, Peru, Poland, Turkey, among other delegations, as well as distinguished members of the host country, Singapore.

SAES, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, is at the forefront of the market in the area of signature intelligence, developing solutions such as multi-influence signature measurement systems (MIRS), smart naval mines (MINEA) and several sonar systems and acoustic processing systems, such as ASW processors aboard helicopters, frigates and MPAs and the successful diver detection sonar.

Responsibles for SAES and Navantia with authority of the Polish Navy

“We are convinced that this fair will expand our commercial horizons in antisubmarine warfare, as the interest has been growing especially in these last two years” according to the head of the SAW systems line ASW.

IMDEX 2019 is the 12th edition of the Biennial IMDEX Asia. It is the main international maritime defense event in Asia Pacific, attended by more than 10,600 trade visitors from 69 countries / regions, 73 VIP delegations from 45 countries, more than 230 participating companies from 29 countries, and more than 600 trade meetings are held between exhibitors and VIP delegations.

Underwater Security in the IV Sectoral Conference on Port Security

Underwater Security in the IV Sectoral Conference on Port SecurityThe conference is focused on new port security rules and normative and also on the protection of critical infrastructures. SAES supported the event and shown some solutions which complete the port security and surveillance systems, such as the DDS-03 system.

The IV Sectoral Conference on Security in Ports, organized by the Borredá Foundation, together with the collaboration of the magazine Seguritecnia and Puertos del Estado, was held on April 25th in Madrid. The conference aim of addressing both the changes on European regulation that affect port security as well as the harmonization of the Critical Infrastructure system.

SAES at the IV Sectoral Conference on Port SecurityThe Conference on Port Security was supported by SAES, as a specialist company in underwater security and defense solutions. SAES has surveillance solutions that complete the security systems installed in ports, refineries and other coastal facilities. This systems are also available  for anchored ships. Specifically, the sonar specialized in detection of divers, DDS-03, automatically detects and alerts the presence of a threat, indicating its position in real time.

Axis Communications, Everis Aerospace, Defense and Security, Global Technology, Excem Group, Magal, Seguritecnia and Tecosa, are other companies that have collaborated this year in the event.


SAES receives the visit of Egyptian officers on board the LHD Gamal Abdel Nasser

SAES receives the visit of Egyptian officersA delegation of officers on board the helicopter carrier “Gamal Abdel Nasser” visited the SAES facilities, during the scheduled events while their stay in Cartagena.

The vessel LHD type Mistral “Gamal Abdel Nasser”, the flagship of the Egyptian Navy recently acquired to the French government, accompanied by the frigate ‘Tahya Misr’, has made a stopover on the training cruise that these Egyptian units are carrying out in the Mediterranean.

SAES has taken the opportunity of the presence of the Egyptian officers in Cartagena to invite them to visit our facilities, who showed great interest in our developments, particularly in the MINEA naval mines, MILA for special forces and the MIRS system.

Likewise, the Egyptian delegation was interested in port security systems, given that they already knew about the DDS-03, a system they consider to be applicable to the new challenges of protecting critical infrastructures, as well as about the control and management of a database of intelligence of signature

This visit corroborates the great interest, good relations and trust that the Egyptian army has placed in SAES.

The Royal Norwegian Navy visits SAES

Norwegian Armed Forces has Mine Action units and surface ships

The Royal Norwegian Navy visits SAESSAES has received this week the visit of the Royal Navy of Norway, specifically a delegation from the course of Mine War of the Maritime Warfare Center of that country.

Norway is a country with a long tradition in this area of the Naval War, which has both Mine Action units and surface ships. The Head of the delegation highlighted the advantages and facilities for the Spanish Navy of “having a company like SAES whose know-how and support are of vital importance” according to his own words.

The delegation of the Norwegian Navy not only showed interest in naval mines, but also in the MIRS system for the acquisition of ships’ influence signatures. The experience and knowledge in ship signatures are essential for the planning of naval combat mines, which makes MIRS a system of strategic importance at the service of navies.

The Royal Norwegian Navy visits SAES The Royal Norwegian Navy visits SAES

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