SAES participates with Navantia in DSEI London, the largest international security and defence exhibition

SAES presents the portable MIRS (Multi Influence Range System), for the measurement of multi-influence signatures for surface vessels and submarines. This system is used to measure ship noise and has important applications in both the defence and environmental sectors.

SAES participates as a co-exhibitor with Navantia at the DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International) trade exhibition, held in London from September 14th to 17th, where its customised high-tech solutions for the civil and military markets are shown.  

SAES in DSEI 2021
SAES presents MIRS system in DSEI London

As a company specialised in underwater acoustic and non-acoustic signal processing, SAES develops defence and security solutions on board all types of platforms: submarines, surface ships as well as aircraft and anti-submarine helicopters.

Portable multi-influence measurement system

MIRS is a multi-influence signature measurement system for surface and submarine vessels that simultaneously measures magnetic, electrical, acoustic and pressure influences.

Its portability allows its use in the desired scenario for multiple purposes: to obtain the ship’s signature in a real scenario; to use it in a fixed station, as a discrete way of obtaining intelligence in strategic areas; and routine checks of the firm or before of a mission.

Both MIRS underwater measuring station and SDH intelligent digital hydrophone can also be applied to carry out scientific and environmental studies, as well as to measure and study the underwater noise levels emitted from ships and coastal industrial facilities in pre-defined zones of interest. In this way, it is possible to control that these levels remain within defined thresholds as well as to reduce the impact produced by activities such as maritime traffic, construction activities at sea, oil & gas platforms and offshore wind fields.