Activity and History

Established in 1989, SAES, specialists in underwater acoustics, develops equipment and systems for undersea security and defence.

High-tech systems and services tailored to clients.

SAES offer customized high-tech solutions to the civilian and military markets:

  • Sonar and  on-board systems for submarines and ships.
  • ASW systems for airborne, shipborne and ground.
  • Systems for Underwater Signatures Measurement & Control.
  • Multi-influence systems (acoustic, magnetic, electric, seismic and pressure influences) as exercise naval mines and range stations.
  • Systems for acoustic classification and signature intelligence.
  • Systems for protection and maritime surveillance.
  • Simulation and training systems.

Our developments, tailored to meet the client’s needs, are currently in service in the Armed Forces of several countries around the world.

Furthermore, we provide engineering services, technical support, maintenance and educational programs. Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced in several subjects such as electronics, acoustics, system engineering, software and hardware development.

Experience in important projects.

The success of a program depend on several factors. Besides incorporating the best solutions tailored to the real needs of program, it is essential that the company that provides the client with the equipment knows its responsibility is much more that the delivery of the systems. The company must become in a alie available for collaborating at all levels of the project in order to achieve the success.

SAES has participated in numerous programs as principal or in collaboration with other companies such as Airbus, Navantia and Indra:

  • Sonars, sonar integration in the Combat System, technical support and tactical simulator for S-80 Spanish submarine.
  • Technical assistance and equipment for F-100 and F-110 Spanish frigates.
  • ASW systems for P-3M and C-295 aircrafts for several countries, including Spain.
  • Exercise naval mines for several countries including Spain.
  • Sonar equipment and simulators for Class Segura Spanish minehunter.
  • Tactical simulator for S-70 Spanish submarine.
  • Sonars for S-70 Spanish submarine.
  • Diver detection sonars for several countries installed in civilian and military assets.
  • Systems and services for measurement and management of underwater signatures of vessels for several Armies around the world, including Spain.

Our services and systems defining characteristics are cost effectiveness and reliability.

Specialists at your service in civilian and military markets.

SAES headquarters in Cartagena (SPAIN) are located nearby Spanish Navy Submarine Naval Base. On headquarters are the management department and the technical offices (Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Design Unit, and Production Engineering). Also, in Cartagena is placed the electronic workshop and other facilities for manufacturing and maintenance.

In San Fernando (Cádiz), beside Navy Arsenal , there are offices  dedicated to feasibility studies, definition, design, development, integration and testing of ASW Combat Systems for submarines.

SAES is classified as a strategic national company being NAVANTIA, INDRA and THALES their shareholders.

SAES works closely with the Spanish Defence Ministry in order to have the most appropriate solutions tailored to their strategic and operational needs.

Several developments have dual applications in the civil and defense markets, for instance the DDS-03 diver detection sonar and the MIRS multi-influence signature measurement range system. In fact, SAES is involved in projects related to the sea environment protection, particularly in measurement of noise and other electrical and magnetic radiation at sea.

SAES includes R&D projects as the main tool to support the design of competitive products. Such projects are not only internal but also external, in collaboration with universities, research centers and companies. Moreover, the company participates in international and national projects in consortium.