SIMSEN – Underwater sensor simulator.

SIMSEN is a simulator able to synthetic-generate underwater signals.

Simulation of all types of underwater signals.

The system permits the coherent underwater-signal generation. System provides acoustic, magnetic and electrical signals, which are simulated in accordance with an scenario and conditions defined by user.

Scenario generation.

Previous the signal generation, the user must define the environmental conditions as well as the sonar characteristics by setting configuration parameters. As a result, very accurate acoustic, magnetic and electrical signals are created. This set of signals vary in accordance with the environment and the scenario defined.

Sensor simulator for training.

As tool for training support, SIMSEN is useful for study subjects related to underwater signal processing. Students are able to check and make test on processing algorithms as well as sensors such as hydrophones.

Sensor simulator for research and development activities.

Similarly, SIMSEN is used by universities and research centers in order to study and develop processing algorithms of any underwater signal.