SOURCE-SEA. Multi-influence measurement system.

SOURCE-SEA is a measurement system able to get all the radiated influences to the sea and help you with the new marine environmental regulations on underwater noise.



A decisive advantage of SOURCE-SEA, is its portability thanks to the low weight, low power consumption and high performance. Those characteristics let you to obtain all radiated signals of the ship or platform in any place at sea.


Main features.

  • Acoustic, magnetic, electric, temperature and pressure measurements of influences ships and offshore facilities.
  • Measurement and analysis according to Descriptor 11 from the European Marine Strategy Frame Directive (MSFD).
  • Real time monitoring, display and recording of the measured influences.
  • Database. Storing and management of signals.
  • Transfer of measured data to the Control & Analysis Centre by several cable or media exchange.
  • Designed using COTS equipment to guarantee maximum reliability at minimum cost.
  • Portable and modular design. Scalable system.
  • Self test and calibration of units.

Sea Water Magneto-Electric Generator SWAMEG is available for magnetic-electric calibration.