SET-200/P – Underwater Electric Field Sensor

The underwater electric field produced by a vessel can be detected with a range comparable to any other influence signature of a vessel. Knowledge of the ship’s electric signature is essential for evaluating detection and counter-sensing distances.

underwater electric

Contrasted high precision electric field sensor.

The SET-200P Electric Field Sensor is a precision device for measuring the electric field of the marine environment. It enables the measurement of very low level electric fields. In addition, when deployed in arrays, they enable full characterization of the underwater electric field signature of the vessel.


Key Features.

  • Accurate measurement of  underwater electric field.
  • Monoaxial / triaxial, assembled in one case or separated.
  • Suitable for both DC and AC electric fields.
  • Ultra low noise electrodes.
  • High sensitivity electronics.
  • Large bandwidth.
  • Modular and lightweight.
  • Integrated with other influence sensors, on request.


Experience in underwater electric measurement.

The underwater electrical sensor is a precision sensor that has been developed and used for several of our Mine Warfare related products. For example, they are used as electrical sensors in the MINEA family of intelligent naval mines and in the MIRS multi-influence signature measurement system.