SOURCE-TYP. Underwater noise source characterization and typification.

SOURCE-TYP is a software tool for visualizing, processing, analysing and generation of reports of several types of underwater signals such as acoustic, electrical and magnetic. The tool allows the management of those signals in a massive way in accordance with normative standards.

Principal Features.

  • Processing and analysing of acoustic, electrical and magnetic signals, previously acquired by sensors.
  • Analysis LOFAR, vernier, DEMON, transients and OTO.
  • Compliant with the current standards Processing of large amounts of data, indicated for long-term measurement campaigns.
  • Unattended processing of data.
  • Analysis custom configuration, defined by user. Characterization and typification of source noise based on analysis results.
  • Reports generation.
  • Coherent storage of analysis results and reports.

Related systems.

SOURCE-TYP can work together to other useful system as SOURCE-SEA for acquiring multi-influence signals and SOURCE-MAP for sound-maps generation.