SOURCE-MAP. Underwater Noise Source Map Generation

SOURCE-MAP is a software application for estimating the noise generated by human activity, such as maritime traffic. The tool performs the evaluation of underwater noise levels along time in a maritime area, by the spatial representation of the radiated energy.

Principal Features.

  • Storage of data that characterize acoustic sources according to relevant regulations.
  • Characterization of the area under analysis: sea bottom profile, sound velocity profile, meteorological data.
  • Management of noise sources in the area.
  • Estimation of the propagation of the acoustical noise for each source.
  • Cartographic overlay. Representation by superimposing the noise map on cartography.

Automatic Identification System interface.

Optionally, the system can perform the identification and positioning of ships by Automatic Identification System (AIS), either real system or web-based services.

Additional Tools.

SOURCE-MAP can interface with SOURCE-TYP tool, for using noise source characteristics database generated with that tool.