MILA – Limpet naval mine for Special Operation Forces.


demolition charge

MILA is a limpet naval mine that incorporates a computer-controlled detonation system. It is used by combat divers in covert underwater operations to neutralize threats.

Lighter and greater distances.

Its dimensions and light weight enable easy transport and deployment.   MILA can be used in longer distance operations. A single diver can carry two units.

Faster activation and reprogramming, even underwater.

demolition charge

The underwater demolition charge can be programmed in two modes: real time or countdown.

Once the target point is reached, MILA is attached in a matter of seconds using either the built-in magnet or an optional nail gun.

If necessary, the device can be easily, quickly and accurately reprogrammed underwater, even in adverse scenarios such as low visibility or in darkness.

Attaching to all types of surface.

MILA has a powerful magnet in order to attach to magnetic surfaces. Additionally, the “nail-gun”, made of stainless steel, is designed for fixing underwater to different types of surfaces.

Safe, efficient and versatile.

demolition charge

MILA complies with NATO safety standards. It has obteined excellent results in detonation tests against 12, 24 and 36 mm thick steel marine targets.

MILA is available in training exercise (reusable and inert) and combat versions.

demolition charge