TAT – Tactical and acoustic operator trainer for ASW missions.

operator trainer

The TAT Acoustic Tactical Training System is an effective real-time training system for acoustic operators on ASW missions.

Faced with the difficulties of an ASW mission, properly trained operators make the difference between achieving or not achieving mission objectives: detecting, tracking, harassing or obtaining intelligence from a contact.

Complete operator trainer.

This tool has been designed for complete and real training. Its objective is to improve the acoustic operator’s operational capabilities during the ASW mission.

Regular training.

TAT allows for regular training of acoustic operators without the need to launch sonobuoys. Consequently, they can be effectively ASW mission-ready without the costly deployment of ASW platforms.

High level of configuration in scenario definitions.

The instructor can create a new scenario or load a previously saved scenario from the scenario library. Once the scenario is defined, there are multiple tools to direct the training.

The TAT system allows modification of the environmental conditions (ambient noise, temperature, depth, salinity and bottom type) in scenario definitions.The acoustic signature of contacts and kinematic parameters can also be defined. The speed, direction and depth of the contacts can be changed during exercise.

This high level of its configuration allows the system to generate a synthetic signal very close to the actual signal.

Real training.

The acoustic sensor operator (ASO), responsible for locating and tracking the threat simulated by the Instructor, can perform a propagation condition analysis to decide and configure the launching of the sonobuoys (passive, active and digital).

In addition, the operator can train in acoustic signal analysis. This training mode improves detection and classification capabilities without the need for a real mission at sea.

Easily integrated in simulation and training platforms.

A mission training system will be complete if it allows the acoustic operator training in real-life scenarios or reflects the real scenario accurately. TAT does it.

Since the TAT system has been designed with easy integration in mind, any simulation platform can provide effective acoustic training.

Acoustic sonobuoy processor.

TAT is fully integrated with the SPAS sonobuoy processing system on board an ASW platform.