SOLARSUB –Digital Towed Sonar with automatic deployment and collection system.

Wide coverage.

SOLARSUB is a high-performance towed sonar that provides detection at long distances. Easily installed on board a submarine, it can be integrated with the Combat System sonars. Detection capacity is greatly enhanced by the antenna being towed at the stern of the submarine providing coverage at 360°, including surface and aft. By avoiding the submarine’s own noise, the submarine is better protected from attacks from the stern, where it is more vulnerable.

High capacity of analysis and detection.

Simultaneous detection, tracking and classification of multiple contacts, even when located at great distances. The high processing capacity of this system allows for simultaneous wide and narrowband analysis (LOFAR, DEMON, Threat Filters and Multi-LOFAR), detection and analysis of Transients, Antijamming and Interceptions.
It also provides audio playback and recording channels.
It has proven capability for the passive detection of low frequencies, and therefore at great distance, from the most quiet and modern surface and underwater contacts.

Automatic antenna deployment.

SOLARSUB is automatically deployed from the submarine or ship via the TAHS deployment and collection system. The antenna is also provided in integrated non-platform and manually deployable configurations.
The automatic deployment and pick-up system can be adapted to any other type of towed antenna and delivered independently.

Proven efficiency.

SOLARSUB is in service on board the S-70 Series submarines and ready to be incorporated into the S-80 submarine. This platform will be installed using the TAHS automatic deployment and collection system, which has successfully passed all the at-sea trials.

Key Features.

towed sonar

• Increased contact detection capacity.
• LOFAR, DEMON, Threat Filters, Multi-LOFAR detection and analysis of Transients, Antijamming and Interceptions.
• Channels for audio recording and playback.
• Designed and manufactured using energy-saving COTS technology and independent modules.
• Designed in reduced dimensions to save space and facilitate installation.
• Estimated passive distance to target by triangulation with other sonar of the submarine’s Combat System.
• Improved submarine performance in surveillance, detection, analysis, tracking and classification tasks.
• Passive detection of low and very low frequency acoustic signals enables acoustic intelligence and target motion analysis (TMA).
• Meets shock, vibration, environmental and EMI/EMC standards.
• No shadow zones.