SAES supports one more year the Golf Navy Championship.

Manuel Pérez got the third place in the 3rd category of Stableford Handicap

CArátula programaThe XXXVII Championship of Golf of the Navy took place at the Alborán Golf (Almeria) from 4 to 5 May 2018, with the participation of 79 players from different Spanish cities. This Championship is part of the Plan of Activities of the Central Board of Physical Education and Sports of the Spanish Navy.


The closing ceremony was chaired by the Hon. Admiral Chief of Staff and President of the Central Board of Physical Education and Sports of the Navy, Francisco José Cortés Uría, accompanied by the Hon.  Admiral Director of Naval Education, Manuel Romasanta Pavón, with the attendance of several civil and military authorities, and the sponsor companies, such as SAES, on whose behalf attended by President Alfredo Gordo.


Participants were divided into three categories according to their handicaps, playing under the modality of stableford with handicap. The champion of the Navy was established according to the best result “scratch” within the modality of programmed game (“stableford scratch”). The TCOL. CINA D. Narciso Lasso de la Vega Borja, JAL-DIMAN, won first place in the Scratch Final Classification.
ganador salida 18


Manolo-3º clasificado-categoría-terceraThe participation of SAES was also rewarded. The CN. CGA D. Manuel Pérez Fernández, Serv ESP, our Security Head, got the third position of the 3rd Classification in the Category Final Stableford Hándicap.

SAES, which supports the championship since 2009, considers that the practice of this sport keeps psychophysical conditions and favours solidarity and integration.