SAES begins the celebration of its 35th anniversary with the exhibition ‘Women in Engineering’

The public company SAES, SME commemorates its 35th anniversary this year with a series of events that aim to highlight the strategic contribution of the company over more than three decades. The first of these events has been held in commemoration of The International Women’s Day (8th March), with an exhibition in the Heroes of Cavite square in Cartagena. SAES shows its commitment to gender equality and recognises the achievements of illustrious women in the world of engineering who contribute to inspire future scientific vocations.   

The exhibition can be visited at the port this weekend and will then move to the facilities of the UPCT until the month of April. 

SAES has today kicked off the celebrations for its 35th anniversary with the exhibition “Women in Engineering”. The event took place today at 12:30 pm in the Heroes of Cavite square, in Cartagena (Spain). The exhibition, which showcases the legacy of ten women who have marked the history of engineering, was presented by the President and CEO of SAES, Joaquín López Pagán. “It is a pride for us to commemorate our anniversary by highlighting the fundamental role of women in engineering. We want to motivate future generations and help increase female presence in this sector,” said López Pagán during the presentation.

The event was attended by several authorities, including Mariola Guevara, Government Delegate of Spain in the Region of Murcia, and Rosa Badillo Amador, Secretary General of the UPCT, as well as members of the SAES Management Committee, like Sara García Ruiz (Telecommunications Engineer), Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation, and Esther Corbalán (Mathematician) Head of People Development.

Other authorities present: Caridad Rives Arcayna, national deputy and deputy spokesperson of the Socialist Group in the Defense Committee of Congress; Carmina Fernández, regional deputy of the Socialist Group; Pedro Contreras Fernández, councilor and spokesperson for the PSOE Cartagena; Isabel María Andreu, councilor of the Cartagena City Council; and Manuel Torres, general secretary and spokesperson for the PSOE Cartagena.

The exhibition “Women in Engineering” is a further demonstration of SAES’s commitment to gender equality, the promotion of scientific vocation and innovation, and marks the beginning of a year of celebrations for the company’s 35th anniversary.

SAES continues to work on high-level technological development and solutions in more than 20 countries and participates in major strategic projects for national defence led by Navantia, such as the S80 class submarines and the F110 frigates.