SAES and Airbus Defence and Space strengthen submarine defence with the implementation of acoustic systems in C295 maritime patrol aircraft

SAES, a leading technology company in submarine defence and protection, and Airbus Defence and Space, a driving company in the aerospace sector in Spain, have signed an agreement for the purchase and implementation of SAES sonobuoy acoustic systems in the C295 maritime patrol aircraft, recently acquired by the Spanish Ministry of Defence from Airbus Defence and Space. This agreement reinforces the commitment of both companies to innovation and submarine defence.

SAES and Airbus Defence and Space have sealed an agreement for the development and supply of Sonobuoy Acoustic Processing Systems (SPAS), designed and manufactured by SAES, in the C295 maritime patrol aircraft of Airbus, which the Spanish State has recently acquired. This agreement reaffirms the constant commitment of both companies to enhance and update Spanish anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities. 

The SPAS system supplied by SAES will be integrated with the Tactical Mission System (FITS) of Airbus Defence and Space. This contract also includes ground support, through the acoustic analysis and mission support system (FTAS – Fast Time Analyser System) and the acoustic training system (TAT – Tactical Acoustic Training). 

Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) missions are complex to operate, requiring the participation and coordination of surface and air platforms, such as the C295, which enhance the probability of success thanks to their ability to cover wide areas of operation.

The C295 aircraft, in Maritime Patrol or MPA (Maritime Patrol Aircraft) configuration, deploys different types of sonobuoys (deployable acoustic sensors) that will be processed by the SPAS system, which includes the processing capability of the most advanced sonobuoys on the market. 

The collaboration between Airbus and SAES dates back to 2001, when SAES participated in the modernisation programme of the P-3 Orion aircraft of the Air and Space Army. Since then, the alliance between both companies has not only prospered, but has continued successfully through the programmes implemented in the C295s of Chile and the P-3 Orions of Brazil. 

The General Director of SAES, César Solano, highlights that “the integration of the SPAS system on board the C295 maritime patrol aircraft represents a significant milestone for us. This system enhances the aircraft’s capabilities, enabling anti-submarine warfare operations. It’s not just about equipping the aircraft with cutting-edge technology: it’s about providing our operators with the tools they need to ensure security”. 

As an integral part of the development of these systems, SAES includes the collaboration of Spanish companies. This cooperation “not only promotes technological advancement, but also contributes to the creation of qualified employment”, indicates Solano.