Protection of critical infrastructures

Ports, nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, oil refineries, drilling rigs, offshore wind farms and other high-value vessels and assets are all infrastructures that require efficient surveillance and security systems. Furthermore, in many of the afore-mentioned examples, the facilities are classified as critical infrastructures, thus subject to legal compliance with specific protection regulations.criticaL- infrastructures

Counteracting the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to underwater hazards.

Video-surveillance systems and radars are effective in detecting surface threats. However, they are ineffective when protecting underwater access from threats such as divers or underwater vehicles. Our sonars and underwater security systems complete the critical infrastructures security systems.

Detection of underwater intrusion.

The DDS-03 diver detection sonar system detects underwater threats, like divers. Once the system is configured, the autonomous sonar continuously monitors the underwater area to be protected. When a threat is detected, it is tracked and an alert is generated and the position, distance, trajectory and type of threat are shown accurately. This information enables deterrents to be activated early enough to counteract the threat, such as sending a patrol to the area.


In addition, an underwater deterrent can be added to the surveillance system. This system warns unauthorized divers that they are in a protected area and emits an acoustic signal to warn the intruder to leave the protected area.
This system can be complemented with an application for threat tracking in real-time on a mobile device.

Design of underwater surveillance and protection systems.

Maritime security of critical infrastructure and other high-value assets may require integration of different sonars and sensors, acoustic and non-acoustic.We will study your project and present a tailor-made solution based on the concept of layered protection to increase their efficiency. Our solutions can be integrated into larger control systems.