Underwater Defence and Security

We specialise in underwater acoustic signature processing.

All our equipment and solutions are based on in-depth knowledge and experience in underwater signal propagation. We are specialists in signature processing, developing sonars, acoustic intelligence systems, measurement systems and signature intelligence. We have systems for submarine and anti-submarine warfare on board various platforms such as submarines, minesweepers, MPAs and ASW helicopters.

Systems on board submarines.

  • Towed array sonar and automatical deploy-and-recovery system.
  • Modernization of sonar, such as cylindrical sonar.
  • SEAPROF for acoustic propagation profile prediction and sonar performance calculation.
  • SICLA for acoustic classification of contacts and  acoustic intelligence collecting.
  • System for monitoring of own noise and vibrations ONMS.
  • DEWARS, for measurement of the underwater submarine signature.
  • System for controlling the submarine bateries SVB.

Solutions for minehunters.

  • System for monitoring of own noise and vibrations ONMS.
  • SEAPROF for acoustic propagation profile prediction and sonar performance calculation.
  • Sonar simulation and integration.
  • Solutions and specialized support tailored to the client.

Underwater protection of military ships and great value assets.

  • Diver detection sonar DDS-03 and deterrent systems.

Naval mines.

  • Smart naval mines MINEA: moored mine, shallow water mine and cylindrical bottom mine.
  • Limpet Naval Mine for Special Operation Forces MILA.

Anti-submarine warfare. Airborne and ship-borne.

  • SPAS system for sonobuoy acoustic processing. Available for aircrafts and ships.
  • ROASW system for anti-submarine warfare operation, for ASW helos and ships.
  • Acoustic Analyzer for mission support.
  • Acoustic training system TAT.

Signature Intelligence.

  • MIRS for measurement of multi-influence underwater signatures of ships.
  • DEWARS for measurement of acoustic signature os submarines.
  • Underwater electric potential sensor SET 200/P for measurement of the electrical signature of a ship.
  • Analysis and modeling services of underwater signatures.

Training and simulation.

Solutions in real-time simulation aimed to the training to:

We have also developed simulation-based solutions such as equipment simulators, the SIM/STIM sonar stimulator and interface simulators to reduce the time required for software development. Used in the development, integration and validation of major programmes before all the programme elements are available, these solutions reduce time, risk and cost.

Flexibility to adapt to the customer’s needs and the requisites of each programme.

We are an engineering company, with our own technology and with more than 28 years’ experience.

Our structure as a company and the essence of our designs are aimed at providing flexible solutions so they can be adapted to our customers’ requirements and specific needs.