SIMTAC: the innovative tactical simulator for training crews of the new S-80 submarines

The S-80 class submarines have a tactical training simulator, known as SIMTAC, which the Spanish Navy uses to prepare submarine crews for various situations they may encounter at sea. Ernesto Eulogio, Engineering Services Line Manager at SAES, explains in a recent interview on Cadena SER radio all the details about this high-tech training tool, which allows crews to practice and perfect their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

For Ernesto Eulogio, “the simulator of the S-81 submarine is like a driving school for the crew, where they learn to use the submarine’s acoustic systems, sonars and radars. In addition, it allows to simulate extreme situations that cannot be reproduced in the real submarine without danger to the crew, such as evading torpedoes or navigating with breakdowns on board”.

The simulator has been developed by SAES in collaboration with Navantia and Indra, and will be used for both the S-81 submarine and future submarines of the S-80 series. Ernesto Eulogio comments that “the idea is that all submarines are operated in the same way, so that personnel can move from one submarine to another without problems”. The simulator will be updated to be in tune with the submarines and meet the training requirements of the Spanish Navy.

SAES’s involvement with Navy simulators began with the development of the SAT simulator for S70 submarines, which has been operational for almost 30 years. In addition, SAES also participated in the SACAZ simulator for the Segura class minehunters.

Listen to the full interview here (audio in Spanish):