SAES participates in a presentation on the economic, industrial and social impact of the defence sector in Andalusia

Cristina Abad, SAES General Manager, took part in the round table scheduled for the II Course on Defence and Strategic Studies of the International University of Andalusia (UNIA): “Towards the Spanish Armed Forces of the XXI century”. The aim of this event was to highlight the political, social and economic importance of investing in the Defence sector.

  SAES General Manager, Cristina Abad, participated last 6th October in the round table on the economic, industrial and social impact of the defence sector in Andalusia, scheduled within the II Course on Defence and Strategic Studies. The theme of the round table was ‘Towards the Spanish Armed Forces of the XXI century,’ and it was organised by the International University of Andalusia (UNIA).

According to Cristina Abad, “it is important to know the contribution to society of companies in the defence sector such as SAES, which is a public company that generates employment and develops high technology in Andalusia and the region of Murcia.”

SAES in Defence Course of the International University of Andalusia
Cristina Abad y Cristóbal Sánchez in the center, Maite Sampalo, on the left y Christian Villanueva on the right.

Some other participants in the round table were: Cristóbal Sánchez, Secretary of the Junta de Andalucía for Industry; Christian Villanueva, Editor of “Ejércitos” magazine; and Maite Sampalo, Economic and Planning Manager of the Bahía de Cádiz for Navantia.

Guillem Colom, professor at Pablo de Olavide University (UPO), directed the Summer course ‘Towards the Spanish Armed Forces of the XXI century’, which took place 5th-6th October, in both onsite and online formats. The objective was to discuss the political, social and economic importance of investing in the defence sector and how relevant is to having a modern, balanced, viable and sustainable army.

  This training, in which he collaborates with the Secretary General for Defence Policy (Ministry of Defence), aims to learn about the main strategic-military trends and their potential impact on the Spanish defence sector, as well as to analyse the activities that are being carried out to adapt the Spanish Armed Forces to the future operating environment; and also to understand the national defence planning process, its main conditioning factors, as well as its financing and support.

SAES participates with Navantia in UNVEX 2021

SAES presents its ASW solutions for RPAS and underwater sensors for USV and UUV at the Spanish drone fair.

For UAVs, SAES, which participates in UNVEX 2021 as a co-exhibitor with Navantia, supplies state-of-the-art ASW solutions based on sonobuoys, which enable RPAS as an advanced station for submarine early warning, as well as high-technology underwater sensors and improved signal processing for USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) and UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles).

SAES participa con Navantia en UNVEX 2021
Illustration 1: Cristina Abad Salinas, General Director of SAES (center), together with Adolfo Hernández Solano, Commercial & Business Development Director (on the left), and Eduardo Ruiz Pérez, Civil, Security & UxVs Sales and Business Develooment Manager (on the right).

In this sense, SAES has shown two presentations at the Navantia-SAES stand. The first one about its ASW solutions for RPAS, which took place on July 7 at 1:00 p.m., by Ignacio Gutiérrez, Head of ASW Line of Business, entitled “ROASW: ASW System for operation with RPAS”.

On March 2014 SAES attended the III Congress on unmanned vehicles UNVEX’2014 in Madrid. On that occasion, the conference by Ignacio Gutiérrez, entitled “Industry Solutions II”, already indicated that the new ASW missions were going to require the use of UAVs as a distant and elevated platform without a dedicated operator.

In the second presentation, entitled “Submarine sensors in UUV and USV”, on July 8 at 11 am, Eduardo Ruiz Pérez, Sales and Business Development Manager for Civil, Security & UxVs, explained that the sensors will have a great relevance in the evolution of aspects such as autonomy of the UUV, where a technological leap is foreseen, of “strategic importance” for defence and industry.

In the field of unmanned underwater vehicles, SAES presented in December 2020, together with Navantia, the ACASUB proposal, within the Ports 4.0 initiative, to provide submarine capabilities to the USV Vendaval from Navantia, in service at the port of Ceuta. Apart from incorporating its real-time monitoring, the estimation of the noise source, object detection and the sending of acoustic signals to divers in the protection area are under development.

SAES also collaborated in the Ocean Master project to develop a vehicle with a dual function, underwater and surface, adaptable to different platforms. In this initiative, which ended a year ago, SAES worked on the payload, integrating a side scan sonar, acoustic communications and its sonar for the detection of divers.

OCEAN MASTER project for the development of a multi-role unmanned vehicle nominated for FINE Awards.

OCEAN MASTER has been developed by the consortium formed by ELINCO, AISTER, GHENOVA, AID and SAES. It is designed to be adapted to all types of naval platforms by an own deployment and transport system. 

The “Ocean Master” project has been a finalist in the category “Outstanding  maritime engineering project”. In this category the following criteria are taken into account: innovative construction, design and materials, improvements and benefits originated, as well as the value for both the society and the maritime industry. Navantia also has participated as an observer of the project as interested in the results and technology.

The awards will be given on February 12 in Bilbao, during the World Maritime Week, in which SAES is an exhibitor. Main managers and personalities of the sector (ship owners, shipyards, institutions, associations, auxiliary industry, etc.) will attend to the awards ceremony. In addition, the event has support of Navalia, Sinaval, Cepesca, Spanish Maritime Cluster, Association of Naval and Oceanic Engineers of Spain and Anave.

OCEAN MASTER project (Multi-purpose Autonomous Vehicle for different environments and roles).

The OCEAN MASTER project  is focused on the development of a multi-mission unmanned vehicle. It has modular configuration and capacity to carry out missions in highly complex and demanding environments. This vehicle is conceived to be adapted to all kind of naval platforms by means an own deployment-and-transport system.

SAES’ participation in OCEAN MASTER centers in two aspects: the payload of the vehicle and the acoustic communications between vehicles or between a vehicle and surface. A Side Scan Sonar (SSS) is included into the vehicle as payload in order to perform bottom surveys and surveillance of channels and harbour accesses. Also a Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) is included to detect both divers and objects in underwater. As communication system, an acoustic data link is used to allow the interchange of commands and data.

Security solutions and underwater measurement.

SAES will have a stand (D21) in the exhibition area of ​​the World Maritime Week exhibition. It will be exhibited a model of the DDS-03 diver detection sonar for protection of critical infrastructures and ships. Likewise, it will also show a model of the SDH intelligent digital hydrophone. The SDH is used for acoustic underwater measurements. It is especially useful for the verification of environmental requirements regarding acoustic emissions.

European subsidy.

OCEAN MASTER has been selected in the FEDER Innterconecta 2015 call. It is co-funded by CDTI (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) and FEDER funds, throughout the Operational Programme for Smart Growth 2014-2020. It is developed in the regions of: Andalucia, Galicia, Madrid and Murcia. The end of the project is scheduled for Mars 2018. Its overall budget is of 2.138.782 €.

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