SAES’s underwater technology leads the naval and defence industry

SAES is celebrating a 2023 full of successes, with a constantly growing order book and a renewed brand image. Our General Manager, César Solano Márquez, shared these achievements and future goals in a recent interview with Cadena SER radio. “We have closed significant agreements and we also remain committed to innovation, with 11 R&D+i European projects underway”, highlights César Solano.


César Solano,,director General de SAES

Looking ahead to 2024, César Solano points out that “our goal is to continue our growth trajectory and strengthen our alliances with local companies and shareholders. This year is also our 35th anniversary, it’s another opportunity to give more visibility to SAES. In addition, we hope to continue creating jobs in the coming years through our European defence and innovation projects.”


Listen to the full interview here (audio in Spanish):


Several SAES officials have participated in the radio program “Hoy por hoy Cartagena” to showcase their capabilities in underwater security and protection, both in the civil and defense sectors. Consuelo Lázaro Ruiz, Chief Operating Officer, has explained the management of a project like the S80 submarine, as well as sonar technology and signature management. Sara García Ruiz, Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation at SAES, responds to the importance of innovation in a technological company like SAES, and how it has been used in the recently delivered submarine to the Navy. Ernesto Eulogio, head of the Engineering Services Line Manager at SAES, talks about the SIMTAC, the tactical simulator of the S81 submarine ‘Isaac Peral’, and what it is used for.

The use of technology and innovation in SAES to solve complex problems

SAES, with its capabilities in hydroacoustics and underwater technology, has played a key role in the development of the S-81 submarine, Isaac Peral, which was recently delivered by Navantia to the Spanish Navy. Sara Garcia, our Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation, has been recently interviewed on Cadena SER radio. She mentions SAES’s involvement in the development of sonar systems and technology for the S-81 submarine, focused on acoustic detection and the submarine’s discretion.

Sara Garcia highlights in the interview the importance of innovation in a technology company like SAES and mentions examples of using technology to solve complex problems, such as the development of a diver detection sonar to protect ports and ships from terrorist threats. She also talks about the R&D+i projects in which SAES participates, such as underwater drones and the application of unmanned vehicles in offshore wind farms, as well as the ETC program for the development of European corvettes. In addition, concludes Sara, “SAES collaborates with universities, companies and technology centres to keep up to date with the latest innovations.”

You can listen to the complete interview here (audio in Spanish):