SAES successfully hosts a real-time connection initiative with Antarctica for children from the TALENTOS association

The TALENTOS association, which brings together parents with children diagnosed with high intellectual abilities, has joined the 37th Antarctic Campaign on Deception Island along with several educational centres and participated in a video call with the scientific base at the SAES facilities. This collaboration is a unique opportunity to foster scientific vocation among the youngest and bring them closer to the research carried out in one of the most remote places on the planet.

Today, Monday 4th of March, SAES has hosted a real-time connection initiative with Antarctica for a group of 30 children from the ‘TALENTOS High Intellectual Abilities Region of Murcia‘ association: a collective of parents with children diagnosed with high intellectual abilities. The video conference connection with the civilian and military personnel stationed at the Spanish Antarctic Base “Gabriel de Castilla” has allowed the children to learn first-hand about the scientific activity taking place in the XXXVII Antarctic Campaign on Deception Island.

During the connection, which began at 10 o’clock sharp in the morning and lasted approximately two hours, the children were able to ask questions to the scientists and learn more about their daily life and their activity in Antarctica.

The scientists told the children present, from various educational centres and associations, among other things, about the long journey with the Hespérides ship [built for multidisciplinary scientific research in any sea or ocean, including Arctic and Antarctic Areas] or how they prepare for a year before starting the mission (in the months of the Antarctic summer). In addition, the base personnel talked about their daily life, the importance of waste management to leave no trace of their passage, and interesting details of small daily missions or even the lack of trees and plants there. In this task, they have the logistical support of the Army, which also protects and preserves the area. Among the local fauna, they highlighted the sea lions, the crab seal, Weddell seal, the elephant seal and a wide variety of birds. Although, according to their words, “the chinstrap penguins are the kings of Deception Island.”

The scientists of this year’s campaign arrived at the base on December 31, 2023, and return in March: the arrival of the Hespérides ship in Cartagena (Spain) is expected for the month of April.

The possibility of sponsoring a penguin from Deception Island was also mentioned, an initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Defence that seeks to promote environmental care.  

For Esther Corbalán, Head of People Development at SAES, “this event has been a unique opportunity to foster scientific vocation among the youngest and bring them closer to the research carried out in one of the most remote places on the planet”. In addition, this initiative “is aligned with the promotion of STEM vocations (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in children from an early age in which SAES has been committed for years”

In addition to the children from the TALENTOS association, a dozen Primary and Secondary students whose parents are part of the SAES staff, a company specialised in underwater technology that innovates for a safer world, have joined this activity.

SAES’s underwater technology leads the naval and defence industry

SAES is celebrating a 2023 full of successes, with a constantly growing order book and a renewed brand image. Our General Manager, César Solano Márquez, shared these achievements and future goals in a recent interview with Cadena SER radio. “We have closed significant agreements and we also remain committed to innovation, with 11 R&D+i European projects underway”, highlights César Solano.


César Solano,,director General de SAES

Looking ahead to 2024, César Solano points out that “our goal is to continue our growth trajectory and strengthen our alliances with local companies and shareholders. This year is also our 35th anniversary, it’s another opportunity to give more visibility to SAES. In addition, we hope to continue creating jobs in the coming years through our European defence and innovation projects.”


Listen to the full interview here (audio in Spanish):


Several SAES officials have participated in the radio program “Hoy por hoy Cartagena” to showcase their capabilities in underwater security and protection, both in the civil and defense sectors. Consuelo Lázaro Ruiz, Chief Operating Officer, has explained the management of a project like the S80 submarine, as well as sonar technology and signature management. Sara García Ruiz, Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation at SAES, responds to the importance of innovation in a technological company like SAES, and how it has been used in the recently delivered submarine to the Navy. Ernesto Eulogio, head of the Engineering Services Line Manager at SAES, talks about the SIMTAC, the tactical simulator of the S81 submarine ‘Isaac Peral’, and what it is used for.

SAES is dedicated to sustainable innovation in underwater technology

Within its commitment to sustainable technology, SAES is establishing strategic alliances and has recently presented its renewed brand narrative. Through its initiative to protect marine environments and the development of unmanned underwater vehicles for both the civilian and defence sectors, SAES is reinforcing its leadership in underwater technology for a more secure and sustainable world.

SAES (Underwater Acoustics and Electronics Systems) presented its new corporate image at the latest International Defence and Security Exhibition (Feindef), held in Madrid from 17th to 19th May with enormous participation at national as well as international level. The company reinforces its leadership as a firm specialising in underwater technology and protection, in both the defence and security sector as well as the environmental one. In the words of its CEO, Joaquín López Pagán, it represents “a turning point after 34 years working as a public company that has encouraged us to continue contributing with the utmost commitment to the defence and security technology industry of our country”.

SAES has renewed its brand narrative in order to show its dual-use capabilities and technology (for the defence and civilian sectors) in signature processing by means of sonar, acoustic intelligence systems, measuring and intelligence of signatures, security and surveillance systems for critical infrastructures such as harbours, thermal electric power stations, refineries, offshore wind farms, etc.

Collaboration agreements

In its initiative to establish strategic alliances, SAES has recently signed collaboration agreements with other companies, amongst which special mention should be made of those reached with the Marine Technology Centre (CTN) and with SH Defence.

The agreement signed between SAES and the Marine Technology Centre (CTN) brings together the efforts of both organisations in working towards sustainable technological innovation in the naval sector and in maritime environmental protection. Both companies will work together in tackling issues of acoustic contamination in maritime environments, in developing technologies for sustainable digital transformation of the naval sector, and to face the challenges of the maritime industry, while always considering the protection of seas and oceans.

In this sense, SAES will contribute its technological capacity, its knowledge and talent to delve into its sustainability strategy, focusing on protecting maritime environments and cooperating in the development of products that reduce acoustic and electromagnetic contamination in seas and oceans. This collaboration with CTN will enable SAES to broaden its vision of innovating, developing, and protecting, adding value in matters of environmental protection to its business activity.

SAES has also signed a collaboration agreement with SH Defence to work together in integrating SAES mine systems with SH Defence deployment units.

Open innovation

SAES collaborates with universities, technological centres, and other companies in its process of open innovation, driving a virtuous circle of innovation.

The company works on cutting-edge projects such as new-generation unmanned underwater vehicles and collaboration in the fight against acoustic contamination in marine environments.

Feindef 2023 was the setting chosen by Navantia, SAES and Perseo Techworks to present one of the most innovative projects, the development of a line of unmanned underwater vehicles with latest generation sensors. This project seeks to deploy exploration and surveillance capabilities in increasingly demanding settings.

SAES will contribute its experience in sonar technology, underwater communications, and operational concepts to provide tactical and mission capacity to the unmanned vehicles. The collaboration between the three companies will drive innovation in the field of autonomous underwater vehicles, offering more secure and economical solutions for defence missions and civilian applications.

This open innovation is key to attracting and retaining talent, as well as for compliance with the SAES sustainability strategy.

The new corporate image and new brand narrative of SAES, within the framework of the company’s modernisation process which began last year, defend the common task of innovation, developing, and protecting.

SAES means innovation for a more secure world.

SAES takes part in the UPCT employment forum

SAES is one of the engineering companies in Cartagena that took part yesterday in the ‘Employment Forum 2022’ organised by the employment and internships service at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) in cooperation with the ENAE business school. SAES Director of Human Resources, Esther Corbalán, had the opportunity to talk about SAES recruitment needs as well as the more demanded profiles, in her speech to students

The UPCT Employment Forum took part yesterday at the Faculty of Business Sciences building, with the participation of more than 30 companies from the Region of Murcia, including SAES. Beatriz Miguel, Rector of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), mentioned during the event that 23% of students conducting internships last year have been employed by the same company where they received their training.

“There is no greater reward than secure a job that I love even before finishing my studies,” explains Raúl Conesa, student at the Industrial Engineering School, recruited by SAES right after his training.

Raúl Conesa, along with Lucía Francoso, Álvaro Hernández or Sebastián Cánovas were some of the young engineers graduated at the UPCT that have been recently recruited by SAES. They have also taken part in the Employment Forum 2022, sharing their professional experiences with other young engineers who have just graduated at the UPCT.

The most demanded profiles at SAES

SAES Director of Human Resources, Esther Corbalán, gave a speech about SAES recruitment needs as well as the most demanded profiles in the company. These profiles are related to technology, innovation and defence & security systems, to cover engineering vacancies of signal processing, specification and tests, and software development.

According to Esther Corbalán, “SAES is a very attractive company because of its know-how on underwater technology, as well as its great multidisciplinary team of highly-qualified STEM professionals, allowing employees to develop in different areas of the company.”

At the end of the event, Esther Corbalán explained that “this kind of activities are very positive for students as it allows them to discover what careers or internships possibilities are more interesting to them. As companies, events as this one help us discover talent and it is also an opportunity to show them what we can offer.”

SAES has almost 90% of STEM professionals in its staff, including those graduated on Telematic or Telecommunications Engineering as well as Industrial Engineering with its different specialisations.