Vocational Day with students from Maristas School in Cartagena

On November 23rd, a group of first-year high school students from the Maristas educational centre visited the SAES facilities in Cartagena and La Palma as part of the ’24 hours with you’ programme. The aim of this vocational day, organised by the school, is to give students the opportunity to firsthand experience the professional experiences and career paths that can be achieved by studying degrees such as Engineering or Mathematics.

During the visit to the Cartagena head office, the students were welcomed by César Solano, General Manager and former student of the Maristas school, who welcomed them and shared his professional experience in the field of engineering. For her part, Esther Corbalán, Head of People Development, presented the activities developed at SAES and highlighted the study of different activities and the benefits of performing different roles in the professional field.

At the La Palma facilities, the students were accompanied by José Ramón Martínez, Production Area Manager, and Manuel Castilla, Manufacturing Manager in the Production Area. Both showed the students the different areas of the manufacturing process and shared their knowledge and experiences in the field of engineering.

During the day, the students had the opportunity to interact with colleagues from SAES, who shared their experiences and knowledge, providing advice and resolving doubts about the professional future.

For Esther Corbalán, “SAES’s participation in activities of this type is fundamental as we contribute to our environment, and at the same time it allows us to foster vocations in STEM degrees”.

SAES takes part in the UPCT employment forum

SAES is one of the engineering companies in Cartagena that took part yesterday in the ‘Employment Forum 2022’ organised by the employment and internships service at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) in cooperation with the ENAE business school. SAES Director of Human Resources, Esther Corbalán, had the opportunity to talk about SAES recruitment needs as well as the more demanded profiles, in her speech to students

The UPCT Employment Forum took part yesterday at the Faculty of Business Sciences building, with the participation of more than 30 companies from the Region of Murcia, including SAES. Beatriz Miguel, Rector of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), mentioned during the event that 23% of students conducting internships last year have been employed by the same company where they received their training.

“There is no greater reward than secure a job that I love even before finishing my studies,” explains Raúl Conesa, student at the Industrial Engineering School, recruited by SAES right after his training.

Raúl Conesa, along with Lucía Francoso, Álvaro Hernández or Sebastián Cánovas were some of the young engineers graduated at the UPCT that have been recently recruited by SAES. They have also taken part in the Employment Forum 2022, sharing their professional experiences with other young engineers who have just graduated at the UPCT.

The most demanded profiles at SAES

SAES Director of Human Resources, Esther Corbalán, gave a speech about SAES recruitment needs as well as the most demanded profiles in the company. These profiles are related to technology, innovation and defence & security systems, to cover engineering vacancies of signal processing, specification and tests, and software development.

According to Esther Corbalán, “SAES is a very attractive company because of its know-how on underwater technology, as well as its great multidisciplinary team of highly-qualified STEM professionals, allowing employees to develop in different areas of the company.”

At the end of the event, Esther Corbalán explained that “this kind of activities are very positive for students as it allows them to discover what careers or internships possibilities are more interesting to them. As companies, events as this one help us discover talent and it is also an opportunity to show them what we can offer.”

SAES has almost 90% of STEM professionals in its staff, including those graduated on Telematic or Telecommunications Engineering as well as Industrial Engineering with its different specialisations.