SAES presents its products for ship signature control in Navalia, the International Shipbuilding Exhibition at Vigo, Spain

SAES takes part together with Navantia in the 8th edition of Navalia (24-26 May 2022), one of the main shipbuilding and maritime sector exhibitions in Southern Europe. SAES, specialised in underwater acoustics, is showing its underwater measurement systems for the civil sector.

Navalia, the International Shipbuilding Exhibition, brings together every two years the most relevant governmental institutions for the sector and for national and international trading. More than 14 years of work and 7 editions of the show later, Navalia has become the most important naval exhibition in Spain and one of the top three in Southern Europe. It is also a global event accommodating every sector of this industry: shipyards, ship operators, naval engineering, equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

SAES has more than 30 years of naval industry experience and it provides high-tec solutions for both the military and civil sectors, including defence and security of critical infrastructures.

At Navalia 2022 SAES is showing its products on underwater signature measurement and analysis, such as the SDH (Smart Digital Hydrophone) or the MIRS (portable multi-influence signature measurement system for ships and submarines) which simultaneously provides real measurements of the following influences: magnetic, electric, pressure, acoustic, and seismic.

As well as underwater measurement systems, SAES also provides engineering services such as the control of acoustic, magnetic and electric signatures of vessels, applying its wide experience on military ships to the maritime civil and naval industry. These services include studies on the initial stages of ship designing, the monitoring of signatures during the whole manufacturing process (in close collaboration with the shipyard), as well as the final measurement of the vessel radiated noise once the ship is out of the shipyard.

These solutions are applied for scientific and environmental studies, as well as to verify the levels of underwater noise (acoustic, magnetic, and electric) caused by maritime traffic, offshore construction activities, oil and gas extraction platforms and offshore wind farms, among others, as well as any installation or activity that may introduce energy into the marine environment.

Underwater protection of critical infrastructures

In the field of security, SAES provides systems for underwater protection of critical infrastructures such as ports, offshore installations, fish farming (aquaculture), etc. For instance, systems such as SAES diver detection sonar system (DDS-03, available to see at Navalia), allows the protection of infrastructures from underwater threats (divers, submarine vehicles, etc.).

SAES underwater deterrent system (called DES) complements the system SAES underwater deterrent system (called DES) complements the system allowing action against intruder divers by sending audible messages to alert them. Both systems (DDS-03 and DES) can be permanently installed at the dock, from anchoring vessels or even from surveillance vehicles (including unmanned vehicles USV/UUV) in order to broaden its range of application.

Besides its solutions based on active sonars, SAES can also apply its know-how on acoustic, electric, and magnetic sensors to offer a complete and integrated underwater protection to any infrastructure that may require it.