SAES participates in Cansec, the Canadian benchmark exhibition in defence and security

Cansec, the Canadian exhibition organised by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI), is being held on the 1st and 2nd June in Ottawa. SAES attends the event with its local partner, MKDS Training, a company with SAES ‘MINEA Sea Mines’ exercise platform included among its solutions on simulation and military training.

SAES attends Cansec 2022, Canada’s largest global defence and security exhibition on the 1st and 2nd June in Ottawa, together with its Canadian partner, MKDS Training.

Since its first edition in 1998, Cansec has become Canada’s benchmark exhibition in the defence and security industry. The event is organised by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI), bringing together 306 exhibitors in 825 business-to-business meetings, 55 international delegations and government officials from across the globe.

SAES, together with MKDS Training, is presenting its MINEA system capabilities: a modern system with high capacity on detection and signal processing of the multi-influence signature.

SAES smart naval mines are the most advanced smart marine mines that are produced today. They are intended for training minesweeper crews to improve their know-how on mine detection and neutralisation techniques.

There are three models specifically designed for the different depths and characteristics of shallow and deep waters: moored mines, shallow-water mines and cylindrical bottom mines. MINEA naval mines provide MCM crews a safe training experience that allows them to successfully perform MCM operations at sea.

SAES participates with MKDS Training in Cansec 2022
MKDS exhibits SAES’ MINEA mines at the Canadian Cansec trade show

Eguermin, Naval Mine Warfare school and NATO Centre of Excellence, visits SAES

Eguermin, the Naval Mine Warfare school and NATO Centre of Excellence (located in Ostend Naval Base, Belgium) visits SAES facilities for a third time as part of their training programme. Navy officials from Belgium, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, United States and Norway have been able to gain first-hand knowledge of the SAES products on underwater defence.

The delegation visiting SAES consisted of 16 members of Eguermin from a variety of countries (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, United States and Norway), along with the MCM (Maritime Mine Countermeasure) Forces  Commander, Navy Captain José Miguel Maiquez Lax.

SAES, with facilities in Cartagena (headquarters) and San Fernando (Cádiz), is the leading company for the Spanish Navy on underwater acoustics, and it is also at the international forefront on the development and manufacturing of underwater multi-influence signature measurement systems as well as exercise naval mines.

The Eguermin delegation was welcomed by SAES General Manager, Victoria Ruiz, who gave them a brief presentation of the company and gave them a plaque of appreciation for their visit: one to Commander Evert de Boer (Eguermin School) and another one to MCM Forces  Commander, Navy Captain José Miguel Maiquez Lax. Following the welcome speech, Eguermin Navy officials attended a briefing with presentations on SAES business lines and underwater defence products such as MILA, MINEA, and its associated developments. Then they visited SAES workshops and labs in the facilities located in La Palma industrial site.

Visiting SAES for a third time

NATO Naval Mine Warfare and Centre of Excellence ‘Eguermin’ is visiting SAES for the third time, following those of 2016 and 2018, including central headquarters, workshops and labs. Two limpet naval mine mockups (MILA) developed by SAES are being exhibited in Eguermin, the Naval Mine Warfare School where NATO officials are trained.

Eguermin was created in 1965 as a Belgian-Dutch Naval Mine Warfare School and in 2006 was accredited by the North Atlantic Council as a NATO Naval Mine Warfare Centre of Excellence, both located in the same naval base.

SAES products on underwater defence

MINEA is the most advanced multi-influence naval mines today. It develops several types of mines (moored, shallow water and cylindrical bottom) both in combat and exercise versions.

MINEA Naval Mines are equipped with sensors for detection and processing of the magnetic, electric, pressure, acoustic and seismic signatures. MINEA Exercise version are available for training purposes and for gathering intelligence information through the measuring and recording of ship signatures.

MILA is a smart limpet mine that incorporates a programmable detonation system. It can be attached to the hull by a diver, or it can be used as a demolition charge. Its conical shape and low weight in water endow the mine with a low hydrodynamic resistance being easy to be carried by divers.

Eguermin visits SAES
Eguermin visits SAES
Eguermin visits SAES
Eguermin visits SAES
Eguermin visits SAES
Eguermin visits SAES

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