Underwater Security in the IV Sectoral Conference on Port Security

Underwater Security in the IV Sectoral Conference on Port SecurityThe conference is focused on new port security rules and normative and also on the protection of critical infrastructures. SAES supported the event and shown some solutions which complete the port security and surveillance systems, such as the DDS-03 system.

The IV Sectoral Conference on Security in Ports, organized by the Borredá Foundation, together with the collaboration of the magazine Seguritecnia and Puertos del Estado, was held on April 25th in Madrid. The conference aim of addressing both the changes on European regulation that affect port security as well as the harmonization of the Critical Infrastructure system.

SAES at the IV Sectoral Conference on Port SecurityThe Conference on Port Security was supported by SAES, as a specialist company in underwater security and defense solutions. SAES has surveillance solutions that complete the security systems installed in ports, refineries and other coastal facilities. This systems are also available  for anchored ships. Specifically, the sonar specialized in detection of divers, DDS-03, automatically detects and alerts the presence of a threat, indicating its position in real time.

Axis Communications, Everis Aerospace, Defense and Security, Global Technology, Excem Group, Magal, Seguritecnia and Tecosa, are other companies that have collaborated this year in the event.


SAES receives the visit of Egyptian officers on board the LHD Gamal Abdel Nasser

SAES receives the visit of Egyptian officersA delegation of officers on board the helicopter carrier “Gamal Abdel Nasser” visited the SAES facilities, during the scheduled events while their stay in Cartagena.

The vessel LHD type Mistral “Gamal Abdel Nasser”, the flagship of the Egyptian Navy recently acquired to the French government, accompanied by the frigate ‘Tahya Misr’, has made a stopover on the training cruise that these Egyptian units are carrying out in the Mediterranean.

SAES has taken the opportunity of the presence of the Egyptian officers in Cartagena to invite them to visit our facilities, who showed great interest in our developments, particularly in the MINEA naval mines, MILA for special forces and the MIRS system.

Likewise, the Egyptian delegation was interested in port security systems, given that they already knew about the DDS-03, a system they consider to be applicable to the new challenges of protecting critical infrastructures, as well as about the control and management of a database of intelligence of signature

This visit corroborates the great interest, good relations and trust that the Egyptian army has placed in SAES.

The Royal Norwegian Navy visits SAES

Norwegian Armed Forces has Mine Action units and surface ships

The Royal Norwegian Navy visits SAESSAES has received this week the visit of the Royal Navy of Norway, specifically a delegation from the course of Mine War of the Maritime Warfare Center of that country.

Norway is a country with a long tradition in this area of the Naval War, which has both Mine Action units and surface ships. The Head of the delegation highlighted the advantages and facilities for the Spanish Navy of “having a company like SAES whose know-how and support are of vital importance” according to his own words.

The delegation of the Norwegian Navy not only showed interest in naval mines, but also in the MIRS system for the acquisition of ships’ influence signatures. The experience and knowledge in ship signatures are essential for the planning of naval combat mines, which makes MIRS a system of strategic importance at the service of navies.

The Royal Norwegian Navy visits SAES The Royal Norwegian Navy visits SAES

SAES shows advanced underwater solutions in IDEX 2019

The company participated, together other firms, in the Spanish pavilion coordinated by TEDAE.

An important representation of Spanish companies have exposed their technological solutions in the IDEX and Navdex exhibition, from February 17th to 21th, in the city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

The Spanish pavilion was organized by TEDAE, a spanish association that included the main companies related to de defence and security. This time, eight companies have participated and presented their products in the Spanish pavilion: Escribano, Grabysur, Hisdesat, Instalaza, SAES, Urovesa, Everis Aerospacial y Defensa, and Expal.

At IDEX, SAES, that is celebrating its 30th anniversary, have exhibited solutions such as the MILA underwater demolition charge, the MIRS range system, the DDS-03 diver detection sonar for the protection of critical infrastructures as well as several ASW systems for aerial and naval platforms.

SAES is attended the International Defense Exhibition and Conference 2019, the main event of the sector in the MENA region held in Abu Dhabi, thanks to the support of ICEX and the ERDF co-funding.

Submarine signature of intelligence in front of mine war.

 The global interest in submarine signatures is growing. Today, modern systems and ships take into account not only acoustic signatures but also electrical, magnetic, pressure and seismic influences.

Multiple influence signatures and current smart naval mines can detect a specific objective through the analysis of these signatures.


SAES, based on its experience in underwater sensors, has developed a complete set of multiple influence naval mines, MINEA, that use a variety of sensors to detect different physical influences.

MINEA’s naval mines are the most advanced smart marine mines currently manufactured. They are intended for the formation of mine sweeping equipment and it is essential to know how an advanced intelligent mine works for the safety of the ship.


On the other hand, the signature of multiple influence (SIGINT) allows to characterize and classify a contact (surface or submarine) not only from the analysis of the radiated acoustic noise, which configures its acoustic signature, but also from the analysis of its electrical, magnetic, pressure and seismic influences. The MIRS system of SAES is high performance for SIGINT.

The Multiple Influence Range System (MIRS) for surface ships and submarines provides real measurements of these influences. MIRS is a portable station that can be used in any scenario for multiple tasks, such as: obtain the signature of the ship in a real scenario and collect information in strategic areas, routine check or signatures before a mission.